Music and Meditation Curated for the Classroom

Providing calming sounds and meditation options for teachers

Classroom OM offers guided voice meditations specifically for use in a classroom setting. You won't regret adding these meditation guides into your classroom routine. Our goal is to help you teach students to breathe, relax and express their emotions positively through meditation.

Some of our current guided voice meditations include:

How to breathe for meditation
Meditation for daily practice
Meditation for taking a test
Mini meditation for daily intention
Mini meditation for daily reflection

Listen to a sample to get a feel for which sessions will work best in your classroom. Since we create each of these from scratch, we also offer voiceless instrumental versions along with scripts for teachers to read.

Focus, breathe, relax

We know each child and classroom setting is different. That's why we create unique voice meditations for different age groups. Find the right guided voice meditation for your students today in our online shop.